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Junior Sanctioned Tournament Changes for 2018


2018 Junior Sanctioned Tournament Changes for Nova Scotia

Based on feedback from players and parents following the 2017 season, TNS has put together a few changes for the upcoming 2018 season based on the capacity issues that we have recently been facing during our weekend sanctioned events. The influx of many new players into the sport has made it increasingly more difficult to complete these events in the 3 days allotted with the court time that we have at our disposal. With this in mind here are the changes that will be enforced at the start of January 2018.

  • Players will be limited to 1 singles category during each event starting January 2018. Players will be permitted to “play up” if they choose. *Exception – ATA 4star Circuit Event – players will be permitted to play 2 singles events.
  • Doubles will be included in all age categories starting January 2018 (min 3 teams needed to run a draw) Doubles teams must register in advance of the tournament. Boys/Girls draw could be combined if needed.
  • All non ATA junior categories to be Tiered starting in May 2018. Tier 1 will be 3* events. Tier 2 will be 2* events. Top 10 in junior ranking are not eligible to play Tier 2 events in their respective age group. Players not in Top 10 are eligible to play Tier 1 events if they choose (limited to 1 singles event only)
  • Entry fee will include single elimination singles and doubles. No consolation will be run during the events (starting May 2018)
  • TNS will run separate Singles Consolation Tournaments (no cost) in June & July 2018 for all consolation players in each age category. If a player loses their first round match more than once they would still only gain 1 entry into the Consolation Only event.

Many other provinces are also having capacity issues. In speaking with many other province’s, it seems they are all dealing with these issues in different ways. I have taken the information gathered from across the country to put a plan together for our province so we can continue to host sanctioned events that everyone can enjoy. It is our hope that with these changes in place it will offer everyone a chance to compete at their skill level while offering a minimum of 2 matches (1 singles and 1 doubles) at each event. I do not anticipate that this will be a perfect solution but we will continue to make adjustments as we see fit to ensure our events are enjoyable for all participants. Looking forward to the 2018 season !

Roger Keating, Executive Director

Tennis Nova Scotia