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Event Rules & Fees

2019 Sanctioned Event Fee Structure


Junior Events

2*, 3* & 3.5* Events – $40.00 includes singles with single match consolation for players who lose their first match (unless Round Robin is played). Players are permitted to play an additional singles event for $20.00. Consolation will only be offered in a players first age group. Doubles will not be offered at these events due to time restraints. These events will run Friday afternoon until Sunday evening.

4* Events – $65.00 includes singles with single match consolation as well as doubles (players are required to find their own partner by 3:00pm of the first day of play) Players are permitted to play an additional singles event for $35.00. Single match consolation will be offered for all singles players who lose their first match. If a player is playing in 2 singles categories and lose first round in both they are eligible to play the consolation match in both divisions.

Open, Masters, Class A & B Events – First Event $40, second event $20.


  • All indoor events (price TBD before each event)
  • Bell and Grant NS Open – First Event $60, each additional event $25.


4* ATA Indoor Circuit Events $65 includes main draw singles with single match consolation as well as doubles in all categories. An additional singles event can be played for $25. Doubles teams must be registered with the Tournament Desk by 3:00pm on the first day of play. This event will run Thursday a.m – Sunday p.m.


Club Event Hosting (outdoor events)

If your club is interested in hosting a TNS sanctioned event in 2020 please read below and let me know if you have any questions.


  1. Outdoor Seasonal Clubs will receive $8.00 per player entered in the event. For example, if 50 players enter the event TNS will send a cheque to the host club for $400.00 for the use of their club. Some of these funds can be used by the club in the following ways:
  • to run a social event during the tournament (BBQ, dinner party, etc)
  • to put a registration package together for each participant
  • to have snacks, fruit, sandwiches available throughout the event


  1. Clubs must be willing to give up the use of 4 courts (minimum) for a full 3 days if needed. (Friday a.m – Sunday p.m)


  1. TNS will handle taking entries, making the schedule, taking registration money not paid online, hiring officials, bringing balls and trophies for the event, entering results online/sending to media as well as running the event.


  1. This will hopefully lead to consistency in how TNS sanctioned events are run, and in turn leading to better retention.


  1. Clubs are still encouraged to put a social committee together for their sanctioned events in order to make their event unique and have players want to return to their event year after year.


Sanctioned events are a great way to showcase your club to players from around the province. It is also important to have such events available for your members to play in their “home” event.  If you have any questions please let me know and we can discuss your upcoming event.


Sample Budget of TNS Events


Revenue (based on 40 entries in a junior 3 star event) $40 first event/$20 second event

$50.00 x 40 players


$1,600.00 –  $2,000.00 (some players playing more than one event)



Tournament Director           $450

Officials                                  $360 (approx.) $15/hr x 24 hrs

Balls                                        $200

Awards                                   $500

Club Rental                            $320 ($8.00 x 40 players)

Total Expenses                      $1,830.00


  • Phil Anderson
  • Luke Saunders
  • Andrew Oxner
  • John Oxner
  • Chris Matthews
  • Glenn Hubbard
  • Jamie Power
  • Roger Keating
  • Robbie Kavanaugh
  • Adam Becker
  • Kevin Patterson
  • Travis McDonough
  • Justin McDonough
  • Dan O’Connor
  • Peter Dietrich
  • Mark Landry
  • Evan McNicol
  • Dan Jockel
  • Rob Weatherston
  • Josh Chabinka
  • Lauchlan Ewald
  • Kevin Hall
  • Will Connolly
  • Jonathan Gaunce
  • David Anderson
  • Andrew Ling
  • Duncan Addison
  • Ted Misztela
  • Gareth Dowdell
  • Stefan Hall
  • Francis Charest
  • Daryl MacPherson
  • Alistair Chauhan
  • Mikel Cizek
  • Andrew Irving
  • Dan Lopez
  • Jacob Nobbe
  • Steve Mahar
  • Matt VanAmburg
  • Nathan Cloake
  • James Roper
  • Satyam Verma

*All players cited on the Men’s Open List are not permitted to compete in Class A Events

**Any player who wins 2 or more Class A events in 1 season will be moved to the Men’s Open list the following season or at the discretion of the Executive Director

***Only players 16+ are eligible to play Class A(4.0) and Class B(3.0) events. Any junior in the Top 8 in their respective rankings are not eligible to play 4.0 or 3.0 events

  • Amy Brookman
  • Marijke Nel
  • Sarah Tremaine
  • Katie Mallam
  • Sandy MacKie
  • Michelle Karis
  • Lejla Hadzimurtezic
  • Natalia Kochetova-Kozloski
  • Michaela Pugsley
  • Carol D’Entremont
  • Jane Richards
  • Anna Nicolela
  • Isobel Anderson
  • Susie Oxner

*All players cited on the Women’s Open List are not permitted to compete in Class A Events

**Any player who wins 2 or more Class A events in 1 season will be moved to the Women’s Open list the following season.