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Waeg U12/U16 schedule

Jun 06, 2018
written by: Tennis Nova Scotia
written by: Tennis Nova Scotia
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If you are in U12 doubles and singles there is a chance you could have 4 matches in one day. I am sorry about this but with the court time given, there was not much that could be done to avoid this. Please call 902-497-2335 or email tennistd@sportnovascotia.ca with any questions.

Waeg Sunday- I am currently half an hour ahead of schedule


  1. Eltouki/Verboomv s Winner Gupta/Robinson and Colburne/Minor- BD12
  2. Cordes/MacGillvray vs Talukdar/Thilbeault-BD12
  3. Downs/Sangster vs Winner Murphy/Sangster and Napier/Daigle- BD12


  1. Gerard/O’leary vs Bennett/Orlik- BD12
  2. Esme MacGillvray vs Sophia Burchell- G12 tier 1
  3. Harley Foubert vs Juliette Pothier- G12 tier 2 Semi
  4. Emily Nunes-Sabean vs Winner Nolan/Johnson- G12 tier 2 Semi

1 pm

  1. B16 tier 1 final
  2. Jakob Orlik vs Will Greenlaw- B16 tier 2


  1. GD16 Semi
  2. GD16 semi


  1. Foubert/Nenes-Sabean vs Nolan/Pothier- GD12 final


  1. BD12 Semi
  2. BD12 semi


  1. Minor/Mir vs winner Greenlaw/Trider and Capris/Nickerson- BD16 semi
  2. Ingham/Sha vs Comeau/Sampalli- BD16 Semi


  1. GS16 final
  2. Stephanie Frith vs Elyssa Spilman- GS16 tier 2


  1. GS12 tier 2 final
  2. GD 16 final


  1. B12 singles final tier 1
  2. B12 singles final tier 2


  1. BD16 Final


  1. BD12 Final






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