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Tennis Professionals

About the Tennis Professionals Association (TPA)

The TPA is a member-based association devoted to growing the profession of tennis coaching throughout Canada. The TPA was developed by Tennis Canada for Canadian certified Instructors, Coaches, and Club Professionals. Since its inception in 2004, the TPA has grown from 800 members to over 2900.


To educate and provide services/benefits for tennis instructors, coaches and club professionals throughout Canada.


  • Enhance the overall development of its members through certification and professional development
  • Improve communication with its members
  • Provide benefits/services to its members
  • Support its members by providing up to date education via online resources

Use of Funds

All funds raised from the membership will go directly back into coaching development, including:

  • Operation of the TPA
  • Development of coaching-related resources
  • Professional development opportunities including conferences and seminars
  • Training of coaches through the certification program (club pro stream and coaching stream)
  • Improving communication with instructors/coaches/and pros in Canada

TPA Member Benefits

TPA members benefit from a variety of resources, regular communication, liability insurance, discounted products, services and events. To view a complete list of benefits offered to TPA Members, click here.

TPA Active Certified Clubs & Coaches

Annual Membership Fees

  • Instructors
  • Club Pro 1’s (formerly Coach 1)
  • Coach 2’s
  • Coach 3’s
  • Coach 4’s
  • Coach 5’s
  • Club Pro 2’s
  • Club Pro 3’s

This pass does not provide full membership to the Association. A person with this ‘pass’ will be able to view all resource materials available on the site, including on-line video lessons, articles, interviews, and various other resource materials. The Access Pass does not allow holders to purchase products from our sponsors (Wilson, Head, Tennis Magazine, etc.).

It is designed specifically for coaches outside of Canada, parents, and others, interested in the latest information and trends in coaching both in Canada and internationally.