We are excited to introduce the Tennis Nova Scotia League, which will launch in February, 2023. This is a team competition where players compete (singles and doubles) against other players of a similar ability. The purpose of this league is to provide matchplay opportunities to players of all ages and abilities, in a more convenient timeframe than a weekend tournament. This is a brand new initiative which will continue to build our tennis community through social competition.

All matches will take place at the Sobeys Atlantic Tennis Centre and the cost of playing each week covers the court time, balls, and admin fees. All matches will be recorded on tournament software and will contribute towards players’ WTN (World Tennis Number).

How to Register:

Players register online here at no charge.

All players must have a current TNS membership to compete. Players should register for the most appropriate category for them based on their World Tennis Number (WTN). Players register as individuals, and are placed in teams by the organizers. Organizers may move players up or down a category if appropriate.


Category NameNTRPWTN Range
Premier 5.0+ (Open)0-20
1st Grade4.020-28
2nd Grade3.028-32
Recreational2.0 32-40
Women 2.0-3.02.0-3.028-40

Note: Categories are not separated by gender except for the Women 2.0/3.0 category.
Juniors must be at least 10 years old and be able to compete full court with a regular ball.


Teams are made up of 5-6 players. Prior to the start of the league, the team captain must submit the order that the team’s players will compete.

For example: 1 Mike, 2 Jen, 3 Rob, 4 Cade, 5 Andrea, 6 Kim.

The teams must be placed in order of ability, and the player who plays #1 singles must play #1 doubles. Up to 8 points are available each week (6 matches plus two point winning bonus).

Each week team captains will select 2 doubles teams and 4 singles players to compete in 2 doubles matches and 4 singles matches. This must be exchanged with the opposing team captain before the start of play. All players who are available to play must play in at least one match.

For example:
Doubles #1 – Mike + Rob
Doubles #2 – Jen + Cade
Singles #1 – Mike
Singles #2 – Rob
Singles #3 – Andrea
Singles #4 – Kim

Most matchups will be played on two courts. Doubles #1 and #2 is played first, followed by #3 and #4 singles, followed by #2 and #1 singles.


If your team does not have enough players, please contact the league admin to attempt to find a substitute. If the league admin is not able to find one, we will ask the team captain if they can find a substitute.

Note that the purpose of a substitute is to give the opposing players a match. The match will be recorded but if the substitute wins their match they will not earn any points towards their team’s total.

The Role of the Team Captain:

-Be the point of contact for the team to league organizers
-Submit the team playing order to league organizers
-Select players who will play doubles and singles each week and communicate with opposing team captain
-After each match up, record the scores and submit to league organizers

Match Format:

Doubles matches: First to 8, 7 point tiebreak at 7-7, no ad
Singles matches: Best of 3 sets, 10 point super tie-break for 3rd set, no ad


All matches will be played indoors at the Atlantic Tennis Centre. Most matchups should take approximately 3 hours to complete.

Premier: Friday 6-10pm (Hard courts)
1st Grade: Friday 5-9pm (Clay courts)
Junior: Saturday 12-4pm (Hard courts)
2nd Grade: Saturday 5-9pm (Clay courts)
Recreational: Saturday 5-9pm (Hard courts)
Women 2.0-3.0: Sunday 5-9pm (Hard courts)

Winter 2023 Session: Feb – May

Week 1 – Feb 3-5
Week 2 – Feb 17-19
Week 3 – Mar 10-12
Week 4 – Mar 31-Apr 2
Week 5 – Apr 14-16
Week 6 – Apr 28-30
Finals – May 5-7


$20 (+ tax) per person per week (includes court time, balls, and admin fees). This cost is payable on a weekly basis at the Atlantic Tennis Centre.