Halifax Open Schedule- Halifax Commons

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Text or call 902-497-2335, please check the schedule before you leave for your match



  1. Henrik Gerard vs Ben Daigle- Bu10 Final
  2. Thomas O’Leary vs Bram St Peters- U10 3rd
  3. Elliott Mann Shaw vs Jack Robinson- B12 singles
  4. Paul Maloney vs Owen Fitzgerald- Boys 12 3rd
  5. Creelman/Power vs Trider/Greenlaw- MD open


  1. Mens Open Final
  2. Mens class A final
  3. Hutton mann Shaw vs Nico Mir- B14 final


  1. Dan lopez vs James Roper- MS Open Consolation
  2. Rob poole vs Pavel Jockel- Mens class A Consolation


  1. Creelman/Power vs McNicol/Gaunce- MD open
  2. O’Leary/Robinson vs Daigle/Gerard- BD12


  1. Mirs vs Mann Shaws- Bu14 doubles final