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Registration Deadlines:

Entry Deadlines
4pm Tuesday the week before the event.

Withdrawl Deadlines
10am on either Wednesday or Thursday the week before the event.

Scheduling Requests:

In order to be fair and transparent, no scheduling requests will be accepted. Players must be prepared to play at any time within the tournament days and times.

Refund Policy:

Withdrawl from a tournament prior to the withdrawal deadline: Full refund (Note that these are processed the week after the event has been completed.

Withdrawl from a tournament after the withdrawal deadline: No refund

For tournament registration assistance, see the Quick Guide to Registration.

Seedings for TNS Sanctioned Adult Tournaments:

In order to ensure fair play at all adult sanctioned tournaments, TNS will be seeding players based on National Bank Rankings (or WTN if suitable).  Gareth Dowdell, Tournament Chair will oversee this process and use discretion if there is inadequate player history available.  Competitive players are encouraged to make an effort to play in sanctioned tournaments in order to establish an accurate ranking for themselves.

Every effort will be made to ensure a fair and equitable player experience.

-The TNS Tournament Committee

Code Violations and Suspension Points:

In order to bring TNS in line with other provincial and international organizations, beginning in June 2022 TNS will begin cataloguing code violations and issuing suspension points whenever necessary. The assessment of three or more suspension points within a 12 month period will result in the suspension of the player. You can see if you have any active offences in the system by logging into the Tennis Canada tournament website, clicking the drop down menu from the top right of the screen (where your name is), and selecting ‘Disciplinary System’.

Please see page 91 of the Tennis Canada Rules of the Court for a breakdown of suspension points. Note that in Nova Scotia, both juniors and adults can receive suspension points for ‘Failure to complete match/tournament’ code violation.

Junior Playing Up Rule

In junior tournaments, TNS will align with ATA policy. Therefore, in 3.5 star events (and lower) players can play up two categories; for example, an 11 year old can play in the U14 and U16 categories if they wish. In 4 star events players can play up two categories IF they are in the top two of their secondary (higher) category.

While it is possible for players to play up, this decision should be made in consultation with the player’s coach. TNS does not recommend that every player plays up by default.