If the above infographic doesn’t make sense, check out this step by step video explaining how to register for TNS tournaments.

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TNS tournament registration fees:

Indoor Outdoor
Level Cost Level Cost
Rookie Tour $20 Rookie Tour $20
2* $40 2* $30
3-4* $50 3-4* $50
5* $70 5* $70
Adult $50 Adult $50
Additional Event $20 Additional Event $20

Refund Policy:

Withdrawl from a tournament prior to the withdrawal deadline: Full refund

Withdrawl from a tournament after the withdrawal deadline: No refund (unless medical excuse provided)

For tournament registration assistance, see the Quick Guide to Registration.

Seedings for TNS Sanctioned Adult Tournaments

In order to ensure fair play at all adult sanctioned tournaments, TNS will be seeding players based on National Bank Rankings (or UTR if suitable).  Gareth Dowdell, Tournament Chair will oversee this process and use discretion if there is inadequate player history available.  Competitive players are encouraged to make an effort to play in sanctioned tournaments in order to establish an accurate ranking for themselves.

Every effort will be made to ensure a fair and equitable player experience.

-The TNS Tournament Committee