Ever wondered where you stack up against other players from around the world? Now you can find out with the ITF World Tennis Number! Read all about it here.

If you have played a tournament in the last 5 years but can’t find your WTN on your profile there is a good chance you accidentally opted out of receiving a WTN. To make sure you have opted in:
1: Log into your Tennis Canada/Tennis Nova Scotia account
2: Click the drop down menu by your name in the top right corner of the page.
3: Go to account settings.
4: Under “Consent” it’ll ask if you want to opt out of sharing your data with the ITF, make sure “No” is selected. Once it’s changed over to no, it will take up to a day to update but once it does you’ll be able to see your WTN ranking *if you have played a tournament in the past 5 years* (it will also be ready to go if you’re about to play your first tournament!)

We recommend everyone playing tournaments to opt in!