TNS has been working hard to provide wider and more inclusive competitive opportunities for players of all ability levels. Some things we have added recently are: beginner adult tournament categories, TNS sanctioned league play, and eliminating the cost for recreational and junior TNS memberships.

In order to improve the quality and player experience in our sanctioned events, we are making the following rule change for our adult tournaments. Players will receive a code violation for ‘failure to complete match/tournament’ if players do not play their consolation matches.

Previously the rule was that players could ‘opt out’ from consolation matches. This rule change brings the adult events in line with the junior events where players are expected to play all of their scheduled matches. 

A large majority of complaints we receive at tournaments are related to when a player’s opponent/s have failed to show up for a scheduled match. Players do receive ranking points (and WTN) for consolation matches, so it is not reasonable to say these matches don’t matter. We want to encourage competition and inclusivity, and ensure players get at least two matches when they enter a tournament category.

This will take effect from March 2023.