2023 SATC WTN Style Mixed Singles Money Event – Timed Matches 
July 6-9, 2023

Flight: Players will be divided into different flights based on playing level. We will use the following methods to position players into their flights: 1 World Tennis Number, 2 Tennis Canada Ranking, or 3 Tournament Director Discretion, in that order. This means the top players will be in flight #1, the next pool of players will be in flight #2, and so on down to flight #4.

Draw Format: Each flight will consist of 16 players (or less). The 4 players who make the semifinal in each flight will qualify to move up to the next flight playing on the following day. The semifinal matches (except for Flight #1) will not be played as players simply move up to the next flight. For example, Mike starts on flight 3 on Friday night. Mike makes the semifinal of that flight and qualifies to move up to flight 2 which plays on Saturday.

Dates/Times of Play:

Thursday July 6th – 4-8pm (Flight #4)
Friday July 7th – 4-8pm (Flight #3)
Saturday July 8th – 10am-4pm (Flight #2 + Flight #1)
Sunday July 9th – 10am-2:30pm (Flight #1)

Categories: All players will play in the same category – Mixed Singles. There are no separate categories based on gender or age. However, players will start in different flights based on their playing level.

Minimum Age: 12

Draw capacity: Up to 52 players will compete for up to $1300 in prizemoney. All players have a chance of winning regardless of which flight you begin in.

Entry Fee:
$50 per player

Winner: 25% of entry fees
Runner Up: 15% of entry fees
Semifinalists: 5% of entry fees

Match Format: All matches will be timed for one hour. Players will play a match first to 10 games (win by 2 games). If the match has not finished after exactly 50 minutes of play, whatever the game score is will be converted to a super tiebreak score. For example, Mike and Jim are at 7 games to 4 (to Mike) after 50 minutes. (The score in that game is 15-30, but this score in the game is ignored). The score is now 7-4 to Mike in a super tiebreak playing first to 10. Whichever player was currently serving serves first in the super tiebreak.

Each player will be guaranteed two matches. Players who lose in the first round of any flight will play a consolation match.

Code Violations:
A  player  who  fails  to  respect  the  time  limit  between  points  (25  seconds),  or on  changeovers (90  seconds), is subject to a time violation.

*Players are to report to the tournament desk immediately upon arrival. Once your match is called, please be prepared as the default time rule will be strictly enforced.

Late by :01 to :05 minutes = 1 game forfeit, :06 to :10 minutes = 2 game forfeit, :11 to :15 minutes = 3 game forfeit, and a match default after :15 minutes. 

Entry Deadline:
4pm, Tuesday June 27th, 2023

Withdrawal Deadline:
10am, Wednesday June 28th, 2023

Warm Up:
Players must begin their match after a 5 minute warm up. 

Post Match:
The match winner should report the score and return the balls to the tournament desk immediately upon completion of the match. All match results will be immediately reported online upon completion. 

Online Schedule:
It is the players responsibility to check the online schedule to see their next match. 

Tournament Director:
Molly Pineau; mollypineau@atlantictenniscentre.ca

Host Club/Courts: 
Outdoor Hard Courts (Matches will go indoors in case of rain to indoor hard courts)
Atlantic Tennis Centre

50 Verdi Dr, Bedford, NS B4A 0C3

ProPenn – 3 New Balls for Main Draw, Good Used Balls for Consolation.