Tennis Nova Scotia’s nomination committee is seeking individuals that have interest in joining a strong high performing team to further develop, grow and govern the game of Tennis throughout NS.

The Tennis Nova Scotia Nominating Committee (NC) will lead the Nomination process. The NC is committed to recruiting and putting forward a final list of candidates, who will collectively possess a wide range of skills and experiences required by the organization. The NC will undertake a thorough and rigorous process to complete these tasks prior to the elections, including screening and vetting all potential candidates.

Although the NC will lead the recruiting process, it requires the collaborative efforts of the membership, the public and those with a commitment to contributing toward a cultural evolution in the game to identify and encourage qualified individuals to respond to the call for nominations.

The following are the important list of skills that will assist in identifying quality candidates. Potential candidates should demonstrate their experience in the application of those skills. Most of these will incorporate many elements covering a broad spectrum of attributes required for competent leadership. 

These include:

  • Mobilization of Diversified Teams
  • Financial Acumen
  • Tennis Community Relationships
  • Adaptability
  • Decision Making
  • Risk Identification, Assessment and Management
  • Board Governance Experience
  • Communication and Intelligence acumen
  • Administration/Project Management
  • Board Secretary Experience

Tennis NS is a provincial organization that is committed to developing and growing the game throughout all communities within NS. To assist with this mandate, we strongly encourage applications from those that reside in rural communities. Ensuring diversity on the Board is a critical component of the NC’s duties. This means identifying candidates who, if elected, will bring a diversity of gender, ethnicity, culture, and thought to their duties. Candidates should have a commitment to respect, safety, and fun, which are paramount for everyone involved in the game.

An important part of the process will be the screening and interviewing of potential candidates by the committee. The NC is committed to a respectful, professional, and fair process for all.If you are interested in exploring a board position please send your resume highlighting your relevant skills and experience to by January 30th, 2023 to be considered.