Sunday Schedule- DNTC Masters

The whole tournament will be run on Sunday February 18th

Please call (902) 497-2335 or email for any information

Due to low numbers, matches will be close together. However, I will give you half an hour break if you need it. If you did not pay online please be prepared to pay with cash or cheque at the tournament.


  1. David Theriault vs Stephen Theriault- MS35

2. Samuel Minor vs Patrick Lee- MS35


3. Rob Poole vs Stephen Beed- MS35

4. Ruth Turner vs Jill Robertson- WS45


5. Dan Lopez vs Winner Theriault/Theriault- MS35 semi

6. MS35 consol


7. MS35 semi

8. Lesek Demont vs Ruth Turner- WS45


9. Mens consol

10. Mens f35 inal


11. Jill Robertson vs Lesek Demont- WS45

12. Mens 35 consol final