Matches will be on a to follow basis if you have more than one, so please do not worry if your matches seem close together. You will get a break between them.

Please call/text 902-497-2335 or email

All Draws

Sunday June 9th


1.Elijah Opps vs Sam Downs-BU10 singles final

2. Jack Foerster vs Griffin McDonough-BU12 singles final

3. Maggie Chong vs Meghna Anand- GU12 singes final

4. Mark Rainnie vs Finn McMorran- BU14 singles final


6. Mia Bennett vs Darah Ross- GU16 singles final


7. Colburnes vs Downs/Sangster -BU10 doubles final

8. Foerster/Mcdonough vs  -BU12 doubles final

  1. Ramsay/Schmidt vs Chongs- GU12 doubles final


11. Rainie/Shaw vs Bennett/Verboom- Bu14 doubles final

12. Zara David vs Meghna Anand- GU14 singles final


13. Bennett/Pappas vs Anand/Gonzalez- GU14 doubles final

  1. Greenlaw/Trider vs McDonough/Nickerson- BU18 doubles final