St Georges Open Schedule– Due to the large number of players, we will be starting at noon on Friday. I did my best with the requests I was given but I cannot guarantee any requests will be accommodated due the large draws.

Please look at the schedule in the mornings before you play just in case there were changes.

Call 9024972335 or email with any questions


Sunday Schedule St. Georges


  1. Sandy Mackie vs Lily Ramsay- Women’s Open Semi
  2. Anna Nicolela vs Ava Ramsay – Women’s Open semi
  3. Phil Anderson vs Dan Jockel- Men’s Open Semi
  4. Evan McNicol vs Luke Saunders- Men’s Open Semi
  5. Pavel Jockel vs Jacob McGuigan- Men’s Class A Semi


  1. Lars kampe vs Rob Poole- Men’s Class A Semi
  2. Kelly Dawe vs Megan Blanchard- WS 4.0


  1. Mike Oxner vs Foaud Abidaoud- Consol
  2. Patrick Lee vs Thomas Wallace- Consol


  1. Nadeau/Wallace vs Gaunce/Mcnicol- MD Open Semi
  2. Jockel/Lopez vs Oxners- MD Open Semi


  1. Ehler/Piggot vs Goldberg/Marquis-MD 4.0 Semi
  2. Cloake/Roper vs Venkatesh/Yip- MD 4.0 Semi


  1. WD Open Final
  2. Ryan MacKinon vs Alex Comeau- Consol
  3. Ryan Amaral vs Fernando Moncayo- Consol


  1. Men’s Open Final
  2. Mark Rainnie vs John Hughes- Consol
  3. Satyam Verma vs Jacob McGuigan- Consol


  1. Class A Men’s Final
  2. Lauchlin Ewald vs Bran Yuen- Consol
  3. Ryan Grimm vs Stewart Strang- Consol


  1. Women’s Open Final
  2. Alex Richard vs Justin Deturbide- Consol


  1. MD Open Final
  2. Men’s 4.0 Doubles Final
  3. Roper vs Nicol- Consol


  1. Stephen O’neil vs Derek Ross- Consol
  2. Matthew Creelman vs winner Amaral /Moncayo- Consol