Hi All,

Thanks to everyone/ Merci à tout le monde


Another NB vs. NS Challenge is now in the record books.  Thanks to everyone who participated this past weekend in Fredericton.  The final score was 47-21 in favour of our friends from Nova Scotia so congrats to them on a job well done J.  A huge thank you to everyone from Nova Scotia and from around New Brunswick who travelled to Fredericton for the event.


As always, we need to thank our indoor facility, the Abony Family Tennis Center, for opening their courts to us for the weekend and thanks to the staff.  Thanks to all the NB players who donated food to our snack table and to the pot luck table, way better than subs & pizza.  Again, a huge thank you to Monique LeClair who makes “the hospitality” happen and I would be lost without her and to Rufus Nel for cooking up the burgers and hot dogs on Sunday.


It was great to see everyone having fun and a bit of wine on Friday evening (some more than others), then heading out to McGinnis Landing for dinner & drinks (again, some more than others), then to Dolan’s for a little fun (enough said).  And that was just Day 1.  And then nice again to see many of the group out to dinner at the 540 on Saturday night.  And we even threw in a little birthday celebration on Sunday.


And although I know we missed Roger being there, thanks to him for helping get his team organized and the hundred texts over the weekend.


In the end, this is still my favorite event and I know from hearing from many of the players, this is their favorite too.  Stay tuned to find out when and where the next edition will take place.  For anyone interested, thanks to Steve Wolf there is now a photo gallery from the weekend posted on the Tennis New Brunswick website if you want to check it out.

Mark Thibault