We are in the home stretch of our 2015 outdoor tennis season already ! We have many events planned for all ages and abilities this month, if you have any questions about what events are for you please give me a call.

Upcoming Sanctioned Events

August 7-9            St Georges Open and Class A 200 Series

August 8-9            Junior Club Team Tennis (register through your club)

August 8-9            Windsor Class B (recreational event) TT

August 15             Chester Open 100 Series (TT)

August 16             Chester Class A / Class B (TT)

August 22-29th      Bell and Grant Nova Scotia Open 350 Series

To register simply click on the link above or contact TNS at 902 425 5450 ext 318 or tennisns@sportnovascotia.ca

(TT) – designates matches will be timed so every player will know the precise time of all matches and all matches will be tiered to ensure parity.

Team Tennis Schedule- August 8th and 9th


  1. Waeg
  2. Truro
  3. Windsor
  4. St Georges
  5. DNTC

The coaches will fill in a form of who they have when they arrive at the Waeg

All matches will be timed half hour matches with No Ad Scoring

Saturday schedule

8am – 11am
Waeg Vs Windsor
DNTC vs St Georges

11am – 2pm
DNTC vs Waeg
Truro vs St Georges

Windsor vs Truro
St Georges vs Waeg

Sunday Schedule

8am – 11am
Waeg vs Truro
DNTC vs Windsor

11am – 2pm
St Georges vs Windsor
DNTC vs Truro