FUN DAY – TENNIS FAIR AT BRUNELLO July 31st – 4:00 – 7:30 pm

Come celebrate the opening of our new outdoor tennis courts with a day of tennis games, demonstrations, refreshments and prizes. All ages are welcome. Bring a friend.

JUNIOR EVENTS / 4:00-6:00pm
4:00 Invitation to play with the pros from the Daniel Nestor Tennis Centre
4:15 Kids games with prizes
4:45 Junior Programming demonstration
5:00 Exhibition match (Two NCAA female tennis players: Mylene Petipas (North Carolina) vs Sandra Chindalo (Arizona)
5:30 Meet and Free play with the Pros

ADULT EVENTS / 6:00-7:30pm
6:00 Introductory TRY TENNIS LESSONS
6:30 Exhibition Match (Gareth Dowdell vs Tim Adham – DNTC Pro Staff past NCAA players)
7:00 Meet and Play with the pros – Drill Session/Feeding Frenzy
7:30 Conclusion

To learn more, please visit or and or for more information.

Cape Breton Open 2015

Friday, July 31st – Schedule of play


  1. Rayirth Sivakumar vs. James Roper       MOS
  2. Emmanuel Xidos vs. Sameer Islam           M4.0
  3. Mark Richardson vs. Ryan MacKinnon MOS
  4. David Astephen vs. Tyler MacIntyre     M4.0


  1. Kevin Thomas vs. Jay MacDonald         M4.0
  2. Bill Buckland vs. Cory MacEachern       M4.0
  3. Matthew Latimer vs. Alex MacLeod     MOS
  4. Kevin Paterson vs. Nathan Cloake         MOS


  1. Chris Matthews vs. Michael Colbourne MOS
  2. Kevin Hall vs. Michael Johnston             MOS
  3. Glen Hubbard vs. David Astephen         MOS
  4. Emmanuel Xidos vs. Ryan Clark         MOS


  1. Mark Richardson vs. Matthew Latimer   M4.0
  2. Alex MacLeod vs. Terrence MacLeod    M4.0