Tennis Nova Scotia would like to bring to your attention a new initiative called Tennis for Schools. Tennis for Schools is a national program that supports the development of fundamental movement skills related to the sport of tennis, while increasing student knowledge and appreciation for the sport.

Developed through a cooperative partnership between Tennis Canada and Physical and Health Education Canada (PHE Canada), Tennis for Schools is designed for both generalist and specialist physical education teachers in Canadian elementary, middle, and junior high schools.

It provides these teachers with the knowledge and tools so that they can introduce their students to the exciting potential that tennis offers in promoting lifelong physical activity and participation in sport.

Regardless of a teacher’s tennis background, Tennis for Schools provides a step-by-step, easy to follow lesson plan (Manual and DVD) that meets many of the required learning outcomes for provincial physical education curricula. Using modified progressive tennis equipment such as slow-bounce balls, smaller playing surfaces, and smaller racquets, all students in a quality physical education program can be successful in tennis.


Benefits for Teachers:

  • Supports the delivery of a Quality Physical Education program
  • Meets provincial Physical Education learning outcomes
  • Supports the development of physical literacy through fundamental movement skills related to the sport of tennis
  • Provides a developmental approach to teaching tennis related skills with developmentally appropriate equipment
  • Offers variation and adaptations to allow for unique teaching and learning contexts while meeting all students’ needs and abilities
  • Includes sample assessment possibilities (formative and summative) aligned with unit
    outcomes and specific tennis skills
  • Allows for flexibility in order to accommodate large or small groups

Benefits for Schools:

  • Provides access to an activity that can be played throughout a student’s educational progression and lifetime
  • Allows for easy set-up and instruction in all school environments and facilities
  • Promotes developmentally appropriate learning activities for all students in an inclusive setting
  • Supports the delivery of a Quality Physical Education program
  • Offers an inexpensive tool for teaching curricular learning objectives
  • Creates stronger links and an avenue to community recreation associations and provincial tennis associations in order to increase student participation in tennis beyond the school setting
  • Offers equipment that can be used across a wide range of grade levels (grades 1 to 5)

Benefits for Students:

  • Facilitates participation in physical activity through meaningful opportunities to develop fundamental movement skills (e.g. overarm throw, catch, run, sidearm strike)
  • Provides a means where students can maintain and improve health-related and performance-related fitness components (e.g. agility, speed, coordination)
  • Introduces an avenue to life-long participation in the sport of tennis that will extend beyond the school environment
  • Helps foster student cooperation and team building skills
  • Supports a gender inclusive and culturally diverse environment
  • Provides fun and exciting activities that encourage a physically active lifestyle


Tennis Nova Scotia would like to facilitate the implementation of Tennis for Schools in your school. The program can run at lunch or after school. Tennis Nova Scotia will provide you with a Tennis for Schools Manual (Lesson Plans for Grades 1-2 & Grades 3-5, a DVD that compliments the Manual, and a Tennis Nova Scotia Representative to run the first and last class. In return the School needs to host a Rookie Tour Event, following the Program, that will be run by the TNS Representative at a cost of $10 per Student (they will receive a T-Shirt, plenty of Matches, and an introduction to Competition in a safe environment). TNS would also need to collect contact information from the Students participating in the Rookie Tour Event (through a Waiver/Registration form for the Event).

To book a Tennis for Schools program at your school, or to obtain more information, please contact Tennis Nova Scotia.

In 2013, Tennis Canada announced the launch of a national public service campaign promoting tennis participation for children across the country and the “Let’s Make Tennis Matter for Kids” fundraising initiative. This initiative has become the ‘Tennis, Values for Life’ campaign.

Tennis Nova Scotia and Tennis Canada want to make sure all kids, particularly those who would otherwise never get the chance to play tennis, have the opportunity to experience that same joy and gain valuable tennis skills: confidence, sportsmanship,and perseverance.

Join us in bringing this passion to more kids. Find out more about Tennis, Values for Life.