I would like to commend everyone who has abided by the guidelines put forward by Tennis Nova Scotia in the last 8 weeks to keep our tennis community safe. I am pleased to announce that we can now get back to our regular tennis activities with the recent announcement of groups of 10 without social distancing. I would encourage everyone to continue to use good hygiene practices while taking part in tennis activities such as sanitizing and keeping your hands away from your face. Please see FAQ’s below which may help with any question you may have as either an individual or a member club. It looks like a great weekend so get out there and play some tennis !



  • How many players can be on a court at one time?

It is acceptable when running programs to get back to your regular ratio of coach to student. TNS recommends a 6-1 ratio but we understand that some programs may have to increase this.


  • Are we allowed to just use one can of balls ?

It is ok to just bring one can of balls now however please be accepting if your opponent would like to bring/use their own tennis balls and if so please refrain from picking their balls up on the court.


  • Do we have to use gloves while serving ?

Only if you want to, again please be respectful of each players wishes.


  • Will competitions be starting soon ?

Competitions will begin July 28th. Check the TOURNAMENTS drop down menu for a list of events in NS.


  • Will there be a Gallagher Nova Scotia Open this year ?

Yes !! Check out the TOURNAMENTS drop down menu for a list of events. Players will be limited to 2 events this year to help control the numbers in the event.