2016 Tennis Nova Scotia

Bell and Grant Open / Class A Circuit Race Series

  • The Circuit Race will consist of 4 Qualifying events that will lead to a Grand Prix event for the Top 8 in the points race.
  • Only the first 16 players will be registered for each event. Men and Women combined. Women on the Open list will be permitted to play the Open or Class A Men’s draw.
  • Each event will be available for registration at 9:00am on the Monday prior to the event.
  • Each event fee will be $40 and will include both singles and doubles play.
  • Players can register for Open or Class A only, not both categories.


  • It is preferred that each player have a doubles partner in the draw.
  • 50% of all entry fees will be given out in prize money (35% for each event/15% carried over for the Grand Prix)

For example based on a full 16 draw:

  • Each Circuit winner – $125.00
  • Each Circuit Finalist – $75.00
  • Doubles winners – $50.00/each

Grand Prix Finale (Top 8)

  • GP Winner – $400.00
  • GP Finalist – $200.00
  • GP Semi Finalists – $100.00/each
  • GP Doubles winners – $100.00/each

Event Schedule:

May 27-29th                        Open/Class A Circuit #1                        Wolfville Tennis Club

June 10-12th                         Open/Class A Circuit #2                        Gordon Hughes (Windsor)

July 19-22nd                        Open/Class A Circuit #3                        Halifax Commons

(week night event Tues-Fri 4-10pm)

August 12-14th            Open/Class A Circuit #4                        Halifax Commons

September 2-4th            Open/Class A Grand Prix Finale            Chester Tennis Club