Saturday August 27th – Saturday September 3rd
Contingency Day: Sunday September 4th

TNS Membership:
All participants must have a valid Tennis Nova Scotia membership in order to register for the tournament.
You can get your TNS Membership by clicking here.
*TNS membership is free for recreational, juniors, and wheelchair players.

Entry Deadline:
4pm, Monday August 22nd.
Players will not be entered after this date/time. Issues registering? Call the tournament phone from Monday August 15th at 902-292-4843.

Withdrawal Deadline:
9am, Wednesday August 24th
Players have until this date/time to withdraw for a full refund.

Live Draw:
1pm, Wednesday August 24th
A link will be provided to all participants the week of the event.

Social Events:
BBQ – Sunday August 28th – 4-6pm
Kids Pizza Night – Tuesday August 30th, 6pm
Adult Player Party – Wednesday August 31st, 7pm
Semifinal Night (Courtside beer for sale) – Thursday September 1st, 5pm
Men’s and Women’s Open Finals Day (Courtside beer for sale) – Saturday September 3rd, 1pm

All registrations and payments must be made online before the entry deadline. Please refer to the tournament webpage here for all draws and schedules.

Rules and Regulations:
The Tennis Canada ‘Rules of the Court 2022’ will be strictly enforced under the guidance of the Tournament Referee.

Default Time Rule:
Players are to report to the tournament desk immediately upon arrival. Once your match is called, please be prepared as the default time rule will be strictly enforced.
Late by :01 to :05 minutes = 1 game forfeit, :06 to :10 minutes = 2 game forfeit, :11 to :15 minutes = 3 game forfeit, and a match default after :15 minutes.
Suspension points will be applied to players who fail to appear for a scheduled match (main draw and consolation) without notifying the tournament desk.

Pre & Post Match:
Players must stick to a 5 minute warm up once they go on court. All match participants must report to the tournament desk immediately upon completion of the match to report the score, return the balls, and advise if they are opting out of consolation. All match results will be reported online upon completion.

Online Schedule:
It is the players/parents responsibility to check the online schedule to see their match schedule.

Scheduling Requests:
Scheduling requests will not be accepted in this or any other TNS event.

To receive important updates throughout the event (weather, match times, etc), please text ‘NSOPEN’ without the quotation marks to 18446201448. This is free to join and highly recommended to get the latest updates.
Follow us on TNS social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) to see results, clips, and the latest updates.

Tournament Director:
Steve Mahar;
Tournament Phone: 902-292-4843
Tournament Referee:
Marijke Nel;
Tournament Chair:
Gareth Dowdell;

Host Club/Courts:
Primary Venue:
The Waegwoltic Club
6549 Coburg Rd, Halifax, NS B3H 2A6

Secondary Venue (if necessary for junior categories):
St George’s Tennis Club
6 St Georges Ln, Dartmouth, NS B2Y 1R6

Backup Indoor Venue:
Atlantic Tennis Centre
50 Verdi Dr, Bedford, NS B4A 0C3

Court Surface:
All Open, Masters, 3.0 + 4.0, & Junior 3.5 Star matches will be played on clay. All other categories and consolation matches may be played on a clay or hard court.

Entry Fee:
All prices are ** per person, per event **
Players may play up to 3 events, with a maximum of 2 singles events.

All registrations and payments must be made online before the entry deadline.

Parent/Child Doubles: $15
Recreational Events: $20 *See list below
Wheelchair: $20
Junior 2 Star: $20 (entry-level competitive juniors)
Junior 3.5 Star: $40
Junior 3.5 Star Doubles: $20
Adult Singles: $50
Adult Doubles: $30

Early Bird Discount:
Players who enter by 4pm, Monday August 8th, will receive a $5 discount on their entry fee.

If you are unsure which level you are, here is the Tennis Canada self-rating guide. Dates listed below are planned, but may change depending on circumstances or draw sizes.

Events may be merged or cancelled if there are less than 3 entries/teams in a given category, or capped if entries/teams get too large.

Adult Intermediate/3.0: Saturday August 27th – Saturday September 3rd

MS 3.0
WS 3.0
MD 3.0
WD 3.0
XD 3.0

Adult Advanced/4.0: Saturday August 27th – Saturday September 3rd

MS 4.0
WS 4.0
MD 4.0
WD 4.0
XD 4.0
Wheelchair Advanced
Wheelchair Doubles

Adult Masters 35-75 + 125 Mixed (age based) + Century Mixed (age based):
Monday Aug 29th – Saturday September 3rd

Century Mixed
125 Mixed
MS 35
WS 35
MD 35
WD 35
XD 35
MS 40
WS 40
MS 45
WS 45
MD 45
WD 45
MS 50
WS 50
MS 55
WS 55
MD 55
WD 55
XD 55
MS 60
WS 60
MS 65
WS 65
MD 65
WD 65
MS 70
WS 70
MS 75
WS 75
MD 75
WD 75

Open: Saturday August 27th – Sunday September 4th

MS Open
WS Open
MD Open
WD Open
XD Open

Family: Monday August 29th – Sunday September 4th

Parent & Child (under 14)
Parent & Child (over 14)
Mother & Daughter

Junior Advanced (3.5 Star): Thursday September 1st – Sunday September 4th

BS 10
GS 10
BS 12
GS 12
BD 12
GD 12
BS 14
GS 14
BS 16
GS 16
BD 16
GD 16
BS 18
GS 18

Junior Intermediate (2 Star): Saturday August 27th – Monday August 29th

Boys Singles 10 and Under
Girls Singles 10 and Under
Boys Singles 12 and Under
Girls Singles 12 and Under
Boys Singles 14 and Under
Girls Singles 14 and Under
Boys Singles 16 and Under
Girls Singles 16 and Under
Boys Singles 18 and Under
Girls Singles 18 and Under

Recreational Events:
These events can be entered with a ‘Recreational’ TNS membership. There is no cost to obtain this type of membership. These events cost $20 to enter.

Junior Beginner: Saturday August 27th – Sunday August 28th

Red Ball (5-7 yrs)
Orange Ball (7-9 yrs)
Green Ball (10-13 yrs)

Adult Beginner + 2.0: Saturday August 27th – Tuesday August 30th

*Adult Beginner Singles (Green Ball)
*Adult Beginner Doubles (Green Ball)
MS 2.0
WS 2.0
*Doubles 2.0

*These categories are open to any gender.

Family Beginner: Saturday August 27th – Sunday August 28th

Parent & Child Orange Ball

Draw Sizes:
Draws may be capped at a certain number, if necessary, to keep the tournament on schedule. Categories with three players/teams will play a round robin.

Match Formats:
In both singles and doubles matches, alternative match formats or scoring methods may be employed in place of the traditional match format listed below. The modified match formats or scoring methods may involve No-Ad Scoring, Short Sets, or some combination thereof.

Men’s and Women’s Open Singles:
Best of 3 full sets, tiebreak at 6-all each set.

All Other Main Draw Singles and Doubles:
Best of 3 sets, 10-point super tiebreak for 3rd set.

Consolation matches:
8-Game Pro-set, 7-point tiebreak at 7-all.

Parent/Child matches:
8-Game Pro-set, 7-point tiebreak at 7-all, no-ad (at deuce: parent serves to parent, child serves to child)

U10: Best of 3 sets to 4 games, no-ad (receiver chooses side), 10-point super tiebreak for 3rd set.

Consolation Matches:
All first match losers will be guaranteed at least one consolation match in all categories. There will be consolation doubles matches. Players are required to inform the tournament desk immediately after their main draw match if they DO NOT plan to compete in the consolation draw.

Official Ball:
U12-18 + Adult: ProPenn – 3 New Balls for Main Draw, Good Used Balls for Consolation.
U10: Penn Green Dot New Balls for Main Draw, Good Used Balls for Consolation.
Red Ball (5-7 yrs) – Good Used Balls
Orange Ball (7-9yrs) – Good Used Balls

Racquet Stringing:
Will be available on-site.

This title sponsor for this tournament is Arthur J. Gallagher Canada Limited