Subway open/Class A- Truro Tennis Club


Saturday, July 21st- Due to pending forecast, we will be running the tournament at the Cougar Dome on Saturday 


1. Brett Arthur vs Ian Mackendrick- MS open

2. Leif Power vs Neil Moore-MS open

3. Peter Keaveney vs Nigel Power-MS 4.0

4. Stewart Strange vs Don Cameron- MS 4.0


5. Anand/Cameron vs Arthur/Mackendrick- MD Semi

6. Winner Macisaac/Adams and Mantin/Power vs Winner Bruce/Power and Forester/Srinivasin- MD semi


  1. Denis Bruce vs Winner Keaveney/Power- MS 4.0
  2. Rob Doyle vs Brett Arthur- MS 4.0
  3. Rob Poole vs Ian mackendrick- MS 4.0


9. Neil Moore vs winner Strange/Cameron- MS 4.0

  1. Glenn Hubbard vs winner (Arthur/Mackendrick)- Ms open
  2. Mens Doubles final (likely later)