Schedule of Play for the 2017 St Georges Masters (Friday)

Play will begin at the St Georges Tennis Club on a 5 court rotation

Please register your doubles team with Peter Conlon at the tournament.


Friday July 21st



1.    Susie Oxner vs Therese Inkpen – WS45

2.    Ingrid Robinson vs Stephanie Waye – WS45

3.    Donnie Ehler vs Stewart Strang – MS55

4.    Gerald Goodine vs Fernando Moncayo – MS55

5.    Matthew Creelman vs Bill Scollard – MS45


6.    Ernie Harnett vs Said Baydar – MS60


7.    Justin Gavel vs Afif Yazbeck – MS40

8.    Rob Pool vs Brian Yuen – MS40


9.    Megan Blanchard vs Marie Bourinot – WS50

10.                Jill Robertson vs Diana Harrison – WS50


11.                Marie Jackman vs Pauline Martin – WS50


13.                Paul Mcintyre vs Will Draper – MS 65

14.                Bill Macphail vs F.Scott Parkes – MS65