In a significant stride towards inclusive sports, Tennis Nova Scotia has unveiled a two-stage pilot program titled “Try It” Wheelchair Tennis. Supported by funding from Tennis Canada, this initiative marks a concerted effort to promote accessibility and diversity within the realm of tennis at a grassroots level.

As the program advances into its third week of the first phase, the primary objective remains to equip tennis coaches from various regions of the province with the skills to be able to deliver introductory level wheelchair tennis sessions at their seasonal clubs throughout the upcoming summer season.

Amidst the dynamic atmosphere of a bustling tennis facility, the program has garnered considerable anticipation and engagement from coaches province-wide. Spearheaded by Technical Director Marijke Nel, renowned for her dedication to fostering inclusivity within sports, the sessions began with the use of balloons and foam balls, then progressing to red balls and mini nets. Several principles from the Tennis Canada First Set initiative are being incorporated. This initiative encourages more “play“ as part of learning – and also starts with smaller “micro courts“. 

The energy in the series has been a showcase of positivity and fun, causing many observers in the facility to stay and watch. Tennis Nova Scotia is excited about being able to offer the sport in parts of the province outside of Halifax and to continue to use it to embody a spirit of collaboration and empowerment.