Schedule of Play for the South Shore Junior 3 Star (Saturday)

Play will begin at 9am at the Lunenburg Tennis Club on a 3 court rotation

Carolyn McAllister – 902 634 8513

8 game prosets

If you are scheduled back to back but need more time, we will accommodate



  1. Shubham Talukdar vs Jesse Larocque – BS10
  2. Elliot Shaw vs Leo Hanada – BS10
  3. Quinten Tingle vs Natasha Beuree-Edwards- BS12


  1. Alexander Comeau vs William Hardman – BS16
  2. Jesse Larocque vs Sawyer Bodurtha -BS10
  3. Hutton Shaw vs Griffin McDonough- Bs12


  1. Niall Gilfoyle vs Natasha Beuree- Edwards– BS12
  2. Alex Comeau vs Nicholas Beuree-Edwards – BS16
  3. Hutton Shaw vs Jesse Larocque – BS12


10. William Hardman vs Nicholas Beuree-Edwards – BS16

11.Jack Comeau vs Elliott Shaw -BS10

12.Niall Gilfoyle vs Quinten Tingle- BS12


13.Shubham Talukdar vs Sawyer Bodurtha -BS10

14.Jesse Larocque vs Griffin McDonough- BS12

15.Jack Comeau vs Leo Hanada -BS10