Schedule of Play for the Subway Truro Open Class A 100 Series presented by Arthur J.Gallagher
Play will begin at 9:00am Sunday at the Truro Tennis Club on a 6 court rotation
Tournament Contact – Francis Charest 819-691-6049

Sunday, July 30th

Nathan Cloake vs Justin Gavel – MS4.0
Jeff Mantin vs Rob Poole – MS4.0 Conso
Brian Yuen vs Peter Rockwell – MS4.0 Conso

Jamie Power vs Julian Oxner – MSO
Francis Charest vs Kevin Hall – MSO
Peter Keaveney vs Pavel Jockel – MS4.0

Sid MacIsaac/Rob Adams vs Carlos Gonzalez/Jeff Mantin – MD4.0
Leif Power/Nigel Power vs Juan Barreto/Sam Lycan – MD4.0

MS4.0 Final
MS4.0 Conso Final
MD4.0 Final

MOS Final
MOS Conso Final