The draws for the Tennis and Toys for Tots Tournament is now online click here for draws.

ATC should be back up and running by Dec 9th so first round matches should be completed by Dec 15th.

Please drop off your toy this week at ATC whether you have a match to play or not so we can get them out to those in need by Dec 15th. If you have any questions please contact ATC 902 423 3682


  • Players will have 7 days to complete their match
  • If the match is not played within the allotted time the player on the top of the draw will move on.
  • Match scores will be recorded at the ATC front desk and updated online
  • Each player will bring 1 can of balls each with the winner of the match taking the new can for their next match.
  • Players can play any format that is agreed upon beforehand within their allotted court time booked to determine a winner.
  • This will be a co-ed event