Nova Scotia victorious in NB vs. NS Team Tennis Challenge

Players from all corners of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia travelled to the Abony Family Tennis Centre from April 8-10 for the fourth edition of the New Brunswick vs. Nova Scotia Team Tennis Challenge. The event brings players from both provinces together for a weekend of fun and friendly competition.

Developed by Mark Thibault, Executive Director of Tennis New Brunswick and Roger Keating, Executive Director of Tennis Nova Scotia, the event has become a staple in Atlantic Canada’s lively tennis community.

The event sees the provincial tennis associations alternate hosting duties for each event. After dates and locations have been set, players can sign up for singles, doubles and mixed events. It doesn’t matter who you are, how old you are or how good you are – everyone is encouraged to play.

Mark and Roger are then tasked with creating a roster based on player ability to keep the event competitive. Participants are assigned to matches based on skill level to guarantee a weekend of exciting tennis for every player who steps on court. Each match that is won is a point for the winner’s home province.

The event allows players to be social, make friends, combine practice and play, and most of all have fun.

The inter-provincial challenge is gaining popularity and growing interest in the region. This year, an impressive 60 players ranging from ages 20 to 65 participated in the three-day event, playing a total of 78 matches combined.

Although the competition was close until the last day of the tournament, Nova Scotia ultimately took the title after defeating New Brunswick 41-37.

New Brunswick will have to wait until the fall for an opportunity to reclaim the title at the next team challenge event in Nova Scotia.

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“Thanks to all of you for an amazing weekend. We who are new to the tournament scene are very thankful to be so warmly welcomed and treated with such kindness on and off the court.”

-Cindy Wheeler, Nova Scotia

“It was so nice for me to participate and, more importantly, to connect with my special tennis family. Next time I’ll contribute more than 2 points, I promise.”

-Barb Ramsay, New Brunswick

“I don’t think I met a single NB player that wasn’t welcoming. All were such great players too. Fredericton really knows how to host a tournament, that’s for sure. ”

-Susie Oxner, Nova Scotia

“Thanks Roger to you and Mark for organizing such a great event. It was a really fun weekend. Getting to know the others on the NS team as well as our friends in NB is definitely the highlight for me. (…and that’s not just because I lost my matches!) 

-Elizabeth Jay, New Brunswick