Schedule of Play for the Truro Open

Play will begin on Saturday at 9am on a 5 court rotation



  1. James Bagnell vs Phil Gora – MCA
  2. Matthew Creelman vs Peter Keaveney – MCA
  3. Remi Van der Leest vs Murali Srinivasan – MCA
  4. Gunther Foerster vs Don Cameron – MCA
  5. Stephen Mallov vs Dave Theriault – MCA


  1. Peter Rockwell vs Sid MacIssac – MCA
  2. Brad Touesnard vs Matthew Joseph – MCA
  3. Glenn Hubbard vs Jeff Johnston – MOS
  4. Stefan Hall vs Peter Dietrich – MOS
  5. Nicole Bagnell vs Norma Stewart – WCA


  1. Shelley Flemming vs Lesek Demont – WCA
  2. David Theriault vs Kevin Patterson – MOS
  3. Stephen Mallov vs Dan O’Connor – MOS
  4. Justin Gavel vs Winner Bagnell/Gora- MCA
  5. Winner Creelman/Keaveney vs Winner Van der Leest/Srinivasan


  1. Winner Foerester/Cameron vs Winner Touesnard/Joseph
  2. Winner Rockwell/MacIsaac vs winner Mallov/ Theriault
  3. MCA consol
  4. MCA Consol
  5. MCA Consol


Doubles will begin at approx 1:30pm on Saturday. Please report to Tournament Director by 11:30am if you are interested in playing doubles