Schedule of Play for the 2017 Metro Regional Junior 3 Star (Sunday)

Play will begin 9:00am at the Commons on a 5 court rotation

**Due to several players in multiple divisions, all matches (except for 9am) are approximate to allow for proper rest between matches.

Tournament Contact – Robbie Kavanaugh 902-488-1503


Sunday July 23rd



1.    Jesse Larocque vs Kieryn Minor – BU10 Semi

2.    Nico Mir vs Hutton Shaw – BU12 Semi

3.    Jack Robinson vs Everett Orlik – BU12 Semi

4.    Logan Swinamer vs Gryffin Minor – BU14 Semi

5.    Max Mir vs Sachin Gupta – BU14 Semi


6.    Jakeman/Comeau vs Orlik/Orlik BU12 Doubles Semi


7.    Everett Orlik vs winner Minor/Larocque – BU10 Final

8.    Harrison Ingham vs Gryffin Minor – BU16 Final


9.    Jakob Orlik vs Byden Clow – BU12 Con semi

10.                Jack Comeau vs Thomas Morine – BU10 Con Final

11.                Jakob Orlik vs William Hardman – BU14 Con Final

12.                Alex Comeau vs Nicholas Beuree-Edwards – BU16 Con Final


13.                Mir/Minor vs winner of match 6 – BU12 Doubles Final

14.                Kieryn Minor vs winner Orlik/Clow – BU12 Con Final

15.                Trider/Harvie vs Mir/Mir – BU16 Doubles Final